You know what question reallllly freaks me out? “Where are you from?” I know people are usually asking where I was born, or where I lived before New York. The issue is those are two very different places and can be answered very differently.

Because here’s┬áthe deal: I was born in both Maui, and a state of ambivalence (that I also currently live in?). But when I state this, people assume I went straight from Maui to here, so then I need to mention that I lived in Oregon before this. And if I just answer that I moved here from Oregon, I MUST mention that I was raised on Maui because that really has a lot to do with my personality. And what if we ever move AGAIN?

My issue is this: Every place I have lived so far really has a lot to do with who I am as a person, and I care about this probably far more than the person asking the innocent albeit loaded question of my origins. So now I just answer: At what point in time?

Friends who also like having existential crises over things that are very small: What do you answer?