Things people tell you when you are about to move to a place you’ve never been before and where you don’t know anyone:

“There’s no way that is going to work out”

“It’s going to be really hard”

“You can always move back home”

“I don’t understand how you are going to do it”

Of course, this was not EVERYONE. I have some really great supportive people in my life who have helped me out a ton. BUT here are some of the things that I wish people would have told me instead:

“Be patient, both with yourself and the process”

“Cliff Bars are only a dollar at Trader Joes, be prepared to live off of them”

“You can do it, but you are going to be exhausted so I am going to leave you alone until you get settled”

“Go ahead and pay for a gym membership, it will make you feel like a settled human again”

“Call your mom as often as you can, she is probably just as nervous as you are”

“Take a ton of selfies, you don’t know anyone so who cares who is judging you”