New Years Resolutions

How to Make New Years Resolution Work by Not Really Having One?new years resolutions in new york city

Usually I am super into New Years Resolutions, semicolon, as long as they VAGUE. That is the key. I can’t have a particular goal, number, etc. It has to be nonsense like “This year I am going to be live more sustainably” or “This year I am going to be more grateful” in order to work. And believe it or not, it really does.

So why does it work? It leaves you plenty of room to focus on bigger things. For example, last year I told myself I was going to be more positive and grateful in general. Because I was trying to focus on the good, setbacks didn’t have as much as an effect on me. And between graduating from college and moving 3000 miles to a city I’d never been to before, it was a big year for me. I knew those were things I wanted to do, but if I would have made the resolution to do those things specifically, setbacks such as jobs, rent, etc, would have had a bigger toll on me.

In other words, I didn’t focus on what I was doing specifically, I focused on the mindset as I was doing those things. And this has really helped for other New Years Resolutions in the past. I.e. “this year I am going to focus more on overall health” led to more body love and acceptance than a weight loss goal ever has. Because there were no numbers to potentially make me feel shitty, there was only the progress I had happened to make so far.

I hope this all kind of makes sense, I love you guys and am glad to be back to blogging, let me know what you are focusing on in the New Yearâ„¢!