Top 5 Beauty Tips for ALL Genders

beauty tips

In case ya’ll don’t know, I have a youtube channel where I do low-camera-quality makeup tutorials. I like it, it keeps me feeling creative. But people, especially those who have known me since before I started the channel this summer, have a really hard time wrapping their head around the idea that I dare put myself out there like that. Like, it’s very important most times I talk to these people, that they point out this channel because they have to remind me to be slightly embarrassed?

Anyways, I am letting that part of my life spill over into this blog because I wanted to share my top five beauty tips for ALL genders!

  1. Be a product junkie. Just because the under eye cream and the face lotion and the cleanser and the soap all have the same ingredients¬†doesn’t mean you can buy two products instead of four. This is America people, you can’t expect to be a shining star unless you are participating in capitalism to your fullest capacity.
  2. The most important product is 8 hours of sleep. Even if you only got 3, it’s important to actually have those 8 hours.
  3. Moisturize. Constantly. Until your significant other complains that it’s taking over your life. And then keep going.
  4. Good genes. Yes everyone is beautiful in their own way. But to fit society’s standard of beauty have the genes that are currently considered trendy. This will change every few years,¬†so stay on top of it.
  5. Don’t have a facebook. No one is attractive on facebook. You can try your hardest, but some distant relative you’ve seen once is going to tag you in something unflattering eventually, so don’t even try.