Workout Playlist

workout playlist

Back to December- Taylor Swift (This is for when you are on the way to the gym. The best way to motivate yourself into going is to trick yourself into thinking you aren’t going. Nothing makes the brain think you are actually going to stand outside an ex-boyfriend’s house and cry like Taylor Swift).

Eye of the Tiger- Survivor  (You saw this coming. The perfect warm-up music).

No Scrubs- TLC  (Your body has just realized that you are working out for real and needs to be distracted. Therefore you need a song you know every single word).

Get Down On It- Kool and the Gang (Still the shitty part of the workout in which you can’t believe you are only halfway through the routine).

Bangarang- Skrillex (You. Are. A. Machine. You’ve made it this far. You deserve some dubstep-esque music.)

Miss Independent- Kelly Clarkson (This is for when you’ve gotten home and are showering. Omg feeling so empowered and ready to eat back double all the calories you just burned off).