The only thing I am worse at than texting back (and all my friends can tell you, I NEVER text back) is calling my mom.

There is really no reason for this. She almost always picks up, is usually in a good mood, is a great listener, and I really love her.

I just never call her.

Since moving to New York and doubling the physical distance between us, I have been trying to call her more. But I am easily distracted even when I am not in a giant city, and so things have been a bit touch and go when it comes to the consistency of my calls.

However, I had this revelation the other day: My mother has her own life. Incredible, I know. Like, I’ve always known she has her own friends, own hobbies, etc etc. But it really hit me the other day, my mom is busy living her life and always takes the time to call me, it’s pretty pathetic when I don’t return the favor. It’s not like she is just waiting around all day hoping for her eldest child to check in. So when I do call her and she picks up she is literally putting her life on pause so we can talk. This seems so small but the more I think about it the more significant it is to me.

So, Mom, I am going to call more, okay?

Love you!